Manduka Black Mat Review

Manduka Black Mat Pro Deluxe Yoga Package 150x150 Manduka Black Mat Review

I’m sure you already know about manduka yoga mat, especially Manduka Black Mat PRO. And here you will know more in depth about manduka yoga mat. Same like you, many people are interested in Manduka Black Mat and has proven a lot of use from beginner to yoga trainer. Let’s look at Manduka Black Mat Review more detail. Basically, Manduka has 2 major types of yoga mat, PRO and eKO. Each PRO and eKO has each type that is PROlite and eKOlite. So what’s the difference and which one is right for me?

Why did you choose Manduka yoga mat?

Manduka Black Mat PRO vs Manduka eKO

The Manduka Black Mat PRO series
The Manduka Black Mat PRO series are the most sustainable mat for more than ten years. Manufactured emissions free and made of eco-certified PVC material, this Black Mat PRO is a durable eco-friendly choice. The Manduka Black Mat is the thickest densest PRO mat Designed to Provide an extra cushion for comfortable users. The surface texture is a fabric-like finish That is slip resistant for light perspiration.

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The Manduka eKO series
The Manduka eKO series are the next generation of eco-friendly mat and made by natural rubber tree. The Manduka’s eKO mat is manufactured without any toxic glues or foaming agents and more durable rubber mats than other. It is superior slip resistance and best for light to medium perspiration. The top surface has a closed cell surface durable, non-slip texture and sea grass while the bottom of the mat is an open cell to Provide the perfect amount of cushion.

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Manduka Black Mat Review: What is the lite?Manduka 71 PROlite Travel Yoga Mat Manduka Black Mat Review

Almost equal to the difference in between Manduka PRO vs eKO, a word “lite” shows a lighter version with the same quality. eKOlite and PROlite are suitable for those of you who frequently travel, lighter and easy to carry. The most interesting is the lite version has several choices of color instead of black. For those who like lighter yoga mats, with color: midnight, olive, purple, pinot, cherry light, it seems PROlite be your choice. So.. the Lite series dedicated for yoga traveller who want the light, colorful and easy to carry without losing the PRO or eKO quality.

Complete guide for Manduka Yoga Mat Reviews

Now you are not confused anymore right? By reading this Manduka Black Mat Review, I hope you can adjust your budget needs to purchase a yoga mat. You can find out which type you need, and what your budget. Hopefully Manduka Black Mat Review useful and can be used as a guide before you decide to buy manduka yoga mat.

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